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Family Education
& Lifestyle Management

Teaching, Educating, & Preparing the Next Generation

As the head of your wealth, part of your duty is entrusting its care to a capable and proficient next generation. 

Built into our family office wealth management services is honing the critical thinking, decision-making, and recognition skills necessary for the next generation to continue your legacy.

Whether it's including future stewards in financial planning meetings, hosting one-on-one education sessions, or hopping on a phone call or virtual meeting, we welcome the opportunity to build wealth management skills into the next generation of investors. 

Tax Planning
& Preparation

Analyzing Current Positions, Building Minimization Strategies, & Optimizing Tax Efficiency

The intelligent management of taxes is an essential foundation to a successful wealth management strategy

Our advisors are constantly seeking new ways to reduce the amount you pay in taxes. Whether through greater portfolio efficiency, strategically raising capital, or working with our in-house accountants (CPA's), our goal is to increase your bottom line by decreasing your taxable liability.

For family office clients of Chicago Partners, tax preparation by our partner CPA firm is included in the cost of wealth management services. 


Identifying Securities, Strategic Allocation of Capital, & Private Investment Recommendations and Analysis

A diversified, well-positioned investment portfolio is the backbone of a strong wealth management strategy. 

Customized entirely to your goals and objectives, our investment management process uses our 4-Quadrant Equity Approach and 4-Quadrant Fixed Income Approach to build a well-diversified, optimally-positioned investment portfolio. Using a variety of investment approaches, including direct indexing, individual securities, and private investments, your portfolio reflects both your capital appreciation and income targets. 

Our investment selection is highly focused on minimizing costs, turnover, and is sensitive to any capital gains taxes.

Planning Services

Reviewing, Proposing, & Creating Estate Planning Strategies

Your estate safeguards your legacy. Proper succession planning safeguards your estate. 

Our in-house attorney advisors focus on building, reviewing, and proposing complementary estate planning strategies where needed. From trusts to wills and beneficiary documents, building a well-rounded estate plan goes a long way in securing peace of mind. As always, your goals and objectives serve as the foundation for any estate planning strategies your advisor may recommend. 

For family office clients of Chicago Partners, estate planning with our partner estate planning firm is covered in the cost of wealth management services. 


Building Cash Flow Plans, Projecting Life Event Impacts, & Tailoring Financial Plans

An integrated financial plan gives you a clear roadmap of your future. 

Many ordinary financial plans are built independently from an investor's portfolio, tax strategy, and estate strategy. Our approach takes a different route: we build living financial plans that adapt and change with your financial situation, goals, and objectives.

Integrating your portfolio's income and equity growth targets, your tax strategies, and building comprehensive models based on where you want to go is how we build financial plans into a comprehensive wealth management strategy.


Optimizing Family Office Structure, Evaluating Tax Changes, & Monitoring Potential Regulatory Issues

Strategically optimizing a family office's legal structure can have profound impacts on its financial success.

Larger single-family offices typically retain a corporate attorney tasked with monitoring political and regulatory changes that may impact your wealth management strategy. Our advisors work with partnered corporate attorneys to take a proactive approach to keeping the legal structure of your family office in an optimal position. 

An optimized family office structure also has significant impact on the tax-effectiveness of wealth management strategies, including income generation and tax minimization. 


Mitigating Risks, Minimizing Costs, & Strategically Positioning Coverage

Insurance planning can be costly and burdensome if left uncontrolled.

While insurance is necessary to protect your assets, your family, and yourself, its costs can spiral without a dedicated plan in place. Our clients work with our in-house insurance advisors to create comprehensive coverage plans that provide the right amount of protection while controlling costs and premiums.


Obtaining Low Interest Rates & Low-Cost Lines of Credit

The strategic use of credit can extend the breadth and depth of your wealth.

For high-net-worth individuals, securing low-interest-rate lines of credit is a crucial step in optimizing their wealth. Through a private partnership with Schwab Bank, we help clients obtain lower rates, refinance where beneficial, and create arbitrage opportunities through the strategic use of credit.