About Chicago Partners

Serving clients as trusted advisors since 2008

Optimizing Each Aspect of Your Wealth

As the CEO of your wealth, part of your role is optimizing how your wealth is utilized. As CEO, you are tasked with managing your investment portfolio, financial plan, and tax strategy towards realizing your ideal retirement.

Chicago Partners is built on the vision of serving as our clients' Chief Investment Officer (CIO), solely focused on bringing together the different areas of your wealth.

We create integrated wealth management strategies that make sure your portfolio, financial plan, and tax strategy all work together in harmony, moving you closer to your vision of retirement.

Your wealth is your most important business.

Your wealth is a business - a constantly changing, growing asset, built over time through hard work and dedication.

You've built it, you manage it daily, and you are responsible for its safekeeping. Your wealth is your business.

You are the Founder and CEO of your wealth. 

Your wealth is a business - a constantly changing, growing asset, built over time through hard work and dedication.

You've built it, you manage it daily, and you are responsible for its safekeeping. Your wealth is your business.

Our focus is on helping you optimize your business as your CIO.

As your CIO, we are dedicated to optimizing every part of your wealth.

Creating a customized wealth management strategy specifically built to help you reach your objectives is our primary focus, and overseeing its execution is our daily business.


In 2008, founders Jim Hagedorn and Anthony Halpin launched Chicago Partners, spinning off PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) wealth management arm into a small, Chicago-based RIA.

Starting with 100 clients and one 4-person office in Chicago, Jim and Anthony focused on creating high-quality customized wealth management strategies for investors. Over the next 16 years, they built a team of over 30 financial professionals with expertise ranging from investment selection to estate planning.

As of 2024, Chicago Partners operates locations in six states, serving as CIO and trusted advisor for over 1,900 investors across the United States and abroad.

Serving as a CIO to Investors from Every Domain

Since 2008, clients with vastly different financial situations have come to us looking for a customized wealth management strategy unique to their situation.

Our experience working with high-net-worth investors, businesses, investors with compliance restrictions, foundations, and family offices has led to empirically-tested blueprints for building wealth management strategies tailored to the goals and objectives of the client.

A Foundation of Fiduciary Advice

Since day one, Chicago Partners has been a fiduciary advisor for clients, always using the Fiduciary Standard as a cornerstone for giving financial advice.

A fiduciary is an advisor that is bound to the Fiduciary Standard - they must always put the client's interests ahead of their own. A fee-only advisor is an advisor that is only compensated by clients.

We believe great client-advisor relationships are built on trust. It's why we stay entirely transparent about our fees, our recommendations, and our processes. If you have any questions about any aspect of our wealth management, please see our FAQ page or reach out to an advisor - they are always happy to help.

An investment adviser’s fiduciary duty under the Advisers Act comprises a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. This fiduciary duty requires an adviser “to adopt the [client's] goals, objectives, or ends.”

This means the adviser must, at all times, serve the best interest of its client and not subordinate its client’s interest to its own.

In other words, the investment adviser cannot place its own interests ahead of the interests of its client. This combination of care and loyalty obligations has been characterized as requiring the investment adviser to act in the “best interest” of its client at all times.

- U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
Commission Interpretation Regarding Standard of Conduct for Investment Advisers

Schedule a Consultation or Portfolio X-ray

If you are interested in learning more about Chicago Partners' wealth management services, you can use the contact form here to send us a notification. An advisor will respond to your request within one business day.

For a second opinion on your current portfolio, we offer a no-obligation Portfolio X-Ray, which looks at your current portfolio's expenses, diversification, and tax efficiency. You'll receive recommendations from an advisor on opportunities to further optimize your portfolio, and answers to any outstanding questions you have.