Private Wealth Management for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Wealth management entirely customized around you, your goals, and your life.
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Comprehensive Wealth Management Under One Roof

High-net-worth investors - or investors with more than $1,000,000 in assets - face a different set of challenges in managing their wealth. Investment decisions become more complex, financial planning becomes necessary, and the potential gains from tax efficiency increase exponentially.

Our focus is on simplifying and optimizing these wealth management decisions. After helping more than 1,500 high-net-worth investors build customized wealth management plans, we’ve developed and refined our 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process to create a single, comprehensive wealth management strategy for our clients.

By working with their single team of financial professionals to build a customized investment portfolio, financial plan, and tax strategy, our clients can gain more confidence and peace of mind in knowing they are well-positioned to achieve their long-term financial goals.


What's Included:


Investment Portfolio Design & Management

A diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of a wealth management strategy. Our approach builds a customized portfolio that includes public, private, and alternative investments to achieve greater diversification against market risk and the potential for enhanced returns.

Tax Planning & Preparation Services

A tax-efficient wealth management plan can pay dividends, especially for high-net-worth individuals. Our focus is on enhancing the most important number in your portfolio: your after-tax return.

Advanced Financial Planning

As a high-net-worth investor, navigating your finances without a financial plan can add unnecessary complexity to life. We use eMoney’s Wealth Management System (WMS) - an industry-leading financial planning tool - to help clients build a dynamic financial plan that changes with them through life.

Insurance & Estate Planning Services

Security comes from the peace of mind in knowing your family’s wealth is safe. To this end, we conduct a full review of your estate and insurance plans, making recommendations to fill gaps, reduce inefficiencies, and optimize your safety net.

Private & Alternative Investment Options

High-net-worth investors are able to access investments that may be unavailable to other investors. Our customized portfolios include options for private equity, private credit, and alternative investments aimed to create non-correlated sources of return and reduce overall market risk.

Private Banking & Low-Rate Lending

Interest expenses can be one of the largest expenses in an individual’s life. Our partnerships with elite teams at lending institutions allow our clients to secure low-interest loans, including mortgage loans, pledged asset lines (PAL) of credit, and other private lending options.

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We get that taking the leap to a new financial advisor can be difficult. It's why we offer a complimentary Portfolio X-Ray to anyone interested in seeing what their customized portfolio might look like.

If you are interested in talking with one of our advisors about a Portfolio X-Ray, you can use the form here to send us a message. After you submit your message, you'll receive a response from an advisor within 24 hours.

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