Wealth Management for

High Net Worth Investors

Each Aspect of Your Wealth, Optimized.

Give Your Portfolio an Edge

A diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of a solid investment strategy.

Our clients take it a step further with private investments and alternative investments, further increasing the diversification of their portfolios while balancing overall exposure to public markets. 

A Financial Plan Focused on the Future

The best financial plan is one that can adapt to you, your goals, and the future.

Our advisors help clients plan for the future, protecting them from both the expected and the unexpected.

A Team of Highly-Credentialed Advisors

We believe the only sustainable competitive advantage is our ability to learn quickly.

Each client works with a team of credentialed advisors to implement a comprehensive financial plan entirely focused on you and your goals.

An Entirely Customized Investment Portfolio

At Chicago Partners, no client portfolios are the same.

Each client works with their advisor to build a multi-dimensional, tax-efficient portfolio with access to both private and public markets using our 4-Quadrant Investment Approach, which includes:

  • The 4-Quadrant Equity Approach
  • The 4-Quadrant Fixed Income Approach

To complement these strategies, clients also receive access to alternative investments, which carry different characteristics than traditional investments.

In order to keep client portfolios cost-efficient, our investment strategies use a combination of different low-cost approaches to achieve efficiency in every portfolio.

A Financial Plan Focused on the Future

A solid financial plan is a roadmap through life. 

Our advisors help plan for each step along your road to retirement, including:

  • Education planning
  • Cash flow planning
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Charitable giving

Clients receive a hand-crafted financial plan inside eMoney's Wealth Management System (WMS) and access to the Chicago Partners Portal (available on the Apple Store and Google Play).