The 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process

Five steps, one comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Optimize the Management of Your Wealth


You’ve spent your life working hard to build your wealth. This is why having efficient portfolio wealth management provided by experts focused on your best interests is so important. Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors is here to help you each step of the way, providing investment portfolio optimization, tax planning and preparation, and customized financial planning built specifically around you and your goals. Our comprehensive wealth management services are built on a five-step process that focuses on tailoring your wealth management strategy to your financial objectives.

As a fiduciary, our foundation is built on doing what is best for you and your financial objectives. This means you can always depend on us to provide asset allocation optimization services and more. If you want to learn more about our process, below is an outline of our 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process, where each step is customized to your individual goals.


Portfolio Audit

Understand the inner-workings of your portfolio.

During the first step, the portfolio audit, our wealth advisors create an in-depth analysis of your portfolio called the Portfolio X-Ray.

The Portfolio X-Ray looks at your portfolio's expense ratios, diversificationasset allocation, and other fees  to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

By understanding what is working and what is not, our team can help to create a plan that can better reach your goals.

Portfolio Audit

Reduced Expense Ratios

Low-Cost Advisory Fee

Minimized Trading Costs

Optimized Asset Location & Allocation

Optimized Portfolio Yield

Optimized Portfolio Diversification

Investment Management

A custom-built portfolio based on your goals.

The second step, investment management, focuses on creating a custom portfolio based on your goals.

Based on the Portfolio X-Ray, our team combines the strengths of your current portfolio with our 8-Quadrant Investment Approach to create a custom portfolio designed to meet your financial objectives.

Investment Management

Custom-Built Portfolios

4-Quadrant Equity Approach

4-Quadrant Fixed Income Approach

Private Credit Investments

Alternative Investments

Direct Indexing

Tax Planning & Preparation

A tax plan built on tax efficiency.

During the third step, tax planning and preparation, our wealth advisors team will optimize your portfolio's tax strategy to maximize tax efficiency and your after-tax return.

Our team can create a tax strategy to help reduce the effect taxes have on your portfolio by using a combination of tax-efficient securities, gain realization strategies, and withdrawal strategies.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Return X-Ray

Tax Analysis & Minimization

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Tax Reporting Package

Intelligent Withdrawal Sourcing

Partnership for Tax Preparation

Advanced Financial Planning

Financial planning for every area of your life.

The fourth step, advanced financial planning, builds custom financial plans aimed at achieving your financial goals.

Our team works with you to help create financial, retirement, estate, education, and charitable giving plans designed to benefit you, your wealth, and your family.

Clients work with their advisors to set up their eMoney Wealth Management System (WMS), a tool that allows investors to view all of their financial assets, accounts, and documents in one place.

Advanced Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

Education & Charitable Giving Planning

Synthetic Pension Creation

Wealth Management System (WMS)

Private Banking & Reporting Services

One team dedicated to you and your financial goals

The fifth step, private banking and reporting services, works with your team to oversee, report on, and service your portfolio and accounts and to secure low-rate lending solutions to extend the breadth and reach of your wealth.

At your request, our team can work with you and your outside advisors to help coordinate your financial plan.

Clients can access the Chicago Partners Portal, low-cost lending solutions, and custom portfolio reports from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Private Banking & Reporting Services

Family Office-Style Custom Reporting

Access to Low-Cost Lending 

Asset Transfers & Account Oversight

Coordination with Outside Advisors

Quarterly Interactive Calls

Chicago Partners Portal & App

Please Note: Limitations. The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client. CP does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. CP does not prepare legal documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products. If the client desires, one of CP’s representatives, in their separate individual licensed capacities, can be engaged to provide legal and/or insurance services as described on CP’s written disclosure Brochure (a copy of which is linked to this website) per the terms and conditions of a separate engagement and fee.

Please Also Note: Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk. Therefore, it should not be assumed that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies recommended and/or undertaken by CP) or any planning or consulting services, will be profitable, equal any historical performance level(s), or prove successful.