Tax Package Assistance

Use this guide to help you prepare and pull your tax forms.

If you have a(n)...

You may have a...


Taxable Investment Account

1099 Composite Form

You may have taxable income.


1099R Form

You have taken a distribution this year. 

Partnership Investment 

K-1 Form

You own a partnership. 

Non-Public Partnership Investment

Varies (Contact your advisor)

Instructions for 1099's & 1099R's

To download your 1099's or 1099R's, you can use the dropdowns to the right. Click on your custodian's dropdown and follow the instructions listed.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your advisor.

Important Note: if you have signed up for paperless delivery at a custodian or K-1 website, you will NOT receive paper copies. If you HAVE NOT signed up for paperless delivery, you will receive paper copies of the forms. 

Click on the dropdowns below to reveal the instructions

Instructions for K-1's

Use the dropdowns on the right to access your K-1's.

Some of your K-1 forms will be available on the Tax Package Support website, and others will be on the Partner Data Link website, depending on who is performing the audit.

Click on the dropdowns below to reveal the instructions