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Videos to enhance your financial knowledge.

Wealth Management System - eMoney Walkthrough

The most powerful planning tools in the industry at your fingertips.

Reduce your uncertainty by planning your future today. eMoney's wealth planning technology allows you to easily project your financial situation into the future for you to see where you might be at different points in your life. Customize your financial plan to your specific lifestyle and put your worrying mind at ease.

Chicago Partners - Introduction to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA)

When you choose Chicago Partners, you'll gain access to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and their exclusive funds.

Enhance your portfolio with funds modeled on Eugene Fama's Nobel Prize-winning theories.

Why Chicago Partners?

Optimize your most important business - the management of your wealth.

What could you accomplish with a CFA, CFP, CPA, and J.D. on your team? At Chicago Partners, your team of fiduciaries will work with you to engineer a complete financial solution that encompasses every dimension of your life - from investment portfolio to financial plans to complete tax planning and preparation. Our one-stop wealth solution can create the freedom and peace of mind you deserve so you can focus on creating the life you desire. 

Chicago Partners - Optimizing Your Wealth

You should know what your financial advisor is doing.

Whether you choose Chicago Partners or different wealth advisor, we believe your greatest financial success will come from a personal understanding of what it takes to make a great portfolio so you can make conscious and informed decisions about the management of your wealth.


Chicago Partners - Wealth Advisors

We're in the business of optimizing your wealth.

Chicago Partners is an independent RIA committed to serving you and your financial needs. We specialize in total wealth management - from creating customized portfolios to preparing and reporting your taxes for you.

You'll receive access to industry-leading funds and technology to help you create a lasting financial plan that encompasses each domain of your life. And because of our status as fiduciary, you can be sure that all our actions are always in your best interest. 

Choose the advisor that has been named a Top 300 RIA in 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017 and start optimizing your wealth today.