The Chicago Partners Special Assets Fund (CPSAF)

Best-In-Class Private Investments

What is the Special Assets Fund?

The Chicago Partners Special Assets Fund (CPSAF) is a master private fund focused on giving qualified investors diversified exposure to a multitude of private investments.

Investors in the Special Assets Fund receive discounted pricing, reduced minimum investment amounts, and a single K-1 to simplify tax reporting.


Customize Your Allocation

With a single subscription document, investors can gain access to all of the private investments inside the Special Assets Fund.

Complete one subdoc, select which investments you would like to add to your portfolio, choose how much you’d like to invest, and our team will handle the rest.

Investor Benefits

Customized Allocations

While there are many private funds inside the Special Assets Fund, you can customize your investment to allocate capital only to the funds you’re interested in, giving you full control over how you invest into private funds.

Reduced Minimums & Reduced Fees

An investment in the Special Assets Fund connects you with other qualified investors, lowering the minimum investment amount in each fund and improving your ability to access funds.

Easy Enrollment Process

Skip the hassle of filling out dozens of forms. Enrolling in the Special Assets Fund requires only one form, saving you the time and headache that comes with subscribing to multiple private investments.

Simplified Tax Reporting

Investing in multiple private investments used to mean multiple K-1 forms. With the Special Assets Fund, investments are consolidated, meaning you only receive a single K-1 at tax season.

Investment Options


General Partnership

Blue Owl Capital VI (Dyal)


General Partnership

General Partnership II


Private Equity

GCM Co-Investment


Private Equity (Coming 2024)

Conservation Equity


Private Equity

Private Equity II


Alternative Income

Cordillera Royalty


Alternative Income (Coming 2024)

Brookfield Infrastructure


Private Credit

BC Partners


Uncorrelated Return

AIR Asset Management


Horticulture, Viticulture, & Row Crops

Nuveen Farmland


Real Estate

Oak Street Real Estate


Private Tax Strategy



High-Yield Money Market

Cash Sweep Fund

Ready to Learn More?

The Chicago Partners Special Assets Fund (CPSAF) is only available to Qualified Purchasers (QP), or investors with more than $5,000,000 in liquid (investable) assets.

If you are a Qualified Purchaser and are interested in learning more, please send our private fund advisors a note by using the contact form provided here, and an advisor will be in touch within 24 hours.

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