Why Chicago Partners?

Core Competency in Comprehensive Wealth Management

Chicago Partners originated in PricewaterhouseCoopers, where our founding partners built the investment management division inside PwC. There, they built and managed portfolios for employees, partners, and high-net-worth individuals inside and outside the company. 

After spinning off in 2008 due to the Sarbanes-Oxley restrictions for auditing firms, Jim and Anthony combined their expertise in building and managing portfolios with tax and financial planning to create a wealth management solution that encompassed each dimension of a financial life.

The Fiduciary Standard

Chicago Partners upholds its designation as a fiduciary. The fiduciary standard is defined here:

  • The Fiduciary Standard is an SEC or state-regulated designation that requires an advisor to always put the clients interests before their own.


A fee-only advisor is a financial advisor that only charges management fees on Assets Under Management (AUM). This means:

  • No commissions for sales of specific securities
  • No outside compensation by other firms/institutions
  • No outside conflicts of interest interfering with the investment decision-making process

Most financial advisors will receive compensation for recommending specific stocks or funds, and will be compensated for the assets they direct into those securities.

Low Management Fees

Consistently ranked in the bottom 25% of management expenses, Chicago Partners strategically keeps management fees low to maximize the amount of wealth compounding at any given time. Over time, excessive management fees can significantly impact the overall return of a portfolio. 

The 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process

The 5-Step Wealth Optimization Process is the wealth management process Chicago Partners uses to optimize each dimension of their clients' wealth.

Clients receive their team of a CFA, CFP, CPA, and J.D. that works with them to ensure each dimension of their wealth is functioning at its best.

The 5-Step Process is:

  • Investment Consulting
  • Portfolio Creation & Management
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Advanced Financial Planning
  • The Fiduciary Relationship

Each fiduciary advisor on the team specializes in optimizing a specific area of a client's wealth in order to create a comprehensive wealth management solution for the client.