Everything you need to become a seasoned investor.

Start your journey towards financial freedom with a financial advisor and personalized portfolio.

Built with the goal of transforming regular investors into high net worth individuals

Get ready for a lifetime of wealth management with high-net-worth investments, a financial advisor, and industry-leading account security.

 A Portfolio for Any Kind of Investor

Set your portfolio up for the long term with the same investment securities our high-net-worth clients use. Each portfolio is tailored to your unique investor profile.

A Financial Advisor for the Long-Term

Have financial questions? Your financial advisor is ready to answer questions you have about your portfolio, financial plans, or any financial topic you have in mind.

Account Security & Ready-Access

In today's digital landscape, digital access and privacy are more important than ever. Optimized Portfolio clients can use the Chicago Partners app to check their portfolios and access customized reports on their portfolio's performance.

Investment Strategies Built for Long-Term Wealth

Take the same approach to investing as high-net-worth individuals.

Each Optimized Portfolio contains the same securities our high-net-worth clients use in their own investment strategies and is built using our 8-Quadrant Investment Approach to position each client towards their financial goals and objectives.

Investors work with their advisors to discover their investor profile, which determines the appropriate amount of risk built into their portfolio. Whether an investor has a high or low personal risk tolerance, our portfolios are built to fit the client's individual standards.

Our Investment Approach

Low Cost. Highly Efficient.

Cost control is a hallmark of excellent portfolio management. Each investment in an Optimized Portfolio is built to keep total expenses at a minimum. By keeping costs low, investors reduce the hurdle their portfolio has to jump to become profitable.

The annual cost of an Optimized Portfolio is 65 basis points (0.65%) of total assets - the financial advisor is included in this cost. You can use the fee calculator here to calculate the total annual cost of our services.

Meet Your Financial Advisor

Regularly reviewing financial plans helps investors stay on-track to realize their long-term goals. Each Optimized Portfolio client also works with their financial advisor for all things financial planning.

Our advisors leverage their experience working with high-net-worth clients to bring insight into Optimized Portfolio clients' financial plans. Whether it's planning for a large purchase (like a house or child) or building a financial plan targeting retirement, our advisors are focused on your success over the long-term.

Financial Advisory

Following the Fiduciary Standard

As fiduciary advisors, our duty at Chicago Partners is to always act in the best interests of our clients.

When working with a fiduciary, you can expect:

  • Unbiased financial advice
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Your goals are always at the forefront of our recommendations

Not all financial advisors are obligated to put your best interests first. Be sure to ask any financial advisor you interview whether they follow the Fiduciary Standard.

What Makes a Fiduciary Different

About Chicago Partners Optimized Portfolios

Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors was founded in 2008 with a focus on helping high-net-worth individuals grow and optimize their wealth for investors with more than $500,000 in investable assets.

In 2020, Chicago Partners Optimized Portfolios was launched using new technology to bring the same quality wealth management to investors focused on building their wealth at earlier stages of their careers.

The Chicago Partners Optimized Portfolios service brings to aspiring investors strategies and financial planning that were once only available to the already-wealthy, from investment management to financial planning.

Optimized Portfolios Goals
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Take the first step towards financial freedom

The first step in becoming an Optimized Portfolio client is to talk with an advisor about your goals and objectives as an investor. You and your advisor will discuss your risk tolerance, financial goals, and your comfort level with investing.

You can use the form here to contact an advisor, who will reach out to you within 24 hours of your request.

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