Investment Philosophy

Portfolios built and managed to give you an advantage while you pursue your goals.

An Approach to Investing that Works

Our portfolios are created for long-term success.

We use our experience as a top Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) serving high-net-worth individuals to build portfolios that help younger investors position themselves for success.

Not Just Cookie-Cutter Funds

Many robo-advisors give people portfolios filled with only ETFs. While this approach can work for some, adding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to a portfolio gives the investor exposure to benefits that they may not otherwise have with an all-ETF portfolio.


Stocks are nice for a portfolio because they give an investor equity (ownership) into a company without the fees associated with a fund.


ETF's can be used to give an investor a strategic advantage in their portfolio by affording them exposure they might not otherwise have.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds can enhance a portfolio through exposure to their institutional share classes, which are often less expensive than their retail counterpart. Investors generally can access these funds only through a financial


Well-built portfolios will have a balance of aggressive and conservative positions. Bonds are a conservative security (because of its lower risk), and can help investors achieve a rate of return without overexposing themselves to the ups-and-downs of the stock market.

Access to Exclusive Institutional Funds

We use Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) mutual funds to build part of investors' portfolios.

Their investment philosophy is based on the Nobel Prize-winning work of Eugene Fama, which says that small-value stocks are likely to outperform over time.

Each portfolio is build with DFA funds that compliment the other parts of an investor's portfolio.

Socially Responsible Investing Option

If having a socially responsible portfolio is important to you, you have the option to choose a variant of your custom portfolio that is entirely socially responsible.

The socially responsible variant of your portfolio still uses exclusive funds, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. The difference is that each security in the portfolio has a socially-responsible component.

Automatic Rebalancing

Sometimes different parts of your portfolio will perform differently because your portfolio has exposure to different markets (like real estate, emerging markets, and U.S. markets, for example).

We manage and regularly rebalance your portfolio to make sure it stays focused on your goals and objectives.

Globally Diversified

Building a long-term portfolio means strategically positioning your wealth with exposures to different markets. Some markets are more risky, which can yield a greater return, while some are safer.

We build your portfolio to optimize exposure to both risky and safe investments (based on your preferences).