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You're in for a lifetime of managing your wealth. We help you take the first steps.

A Different Kind of Digital Financial Advisor

A High-Net-Worth
Investment Approach

Each portfolio uses the same stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs we recommend for our high-net-worth clients. We take this approach to help you learn the language of high-net-worth investment management. 

Advisor Relationship

A great relationship with an advisor is the cornerstone to any successful long-term wealth management plan. You can reach out to your advisor at any time, and can count on working with the same advisor every time.

& Fee-Only Fiduciaries

At a 0.56% assets under management (AUM) fee, the Digital Wealth platform offers portfolio management, investment management, and a financial advisor for less than any other digital advisor. And, as a fee-only fiduciary, you can rest easy knowing all of our recommendations are always in your best interest.

About the Digital Wealth Platform

The Digital Wealth platform is built for professionals who are on the cusp of entering their wealth-building phase, or for individuals already building wealth who are looking for comprehensive wealth management.

We've taken our wealth management strategy straight from our Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors' playbook to help successful individuals prepare for a lifetime of navigating their wealth management.

The Digital Wealth Misison

What is a Fee-Only Fiduciary?

A "Fee-Only Fiduciary" is a term used to describe a type of financial advisor. A fee-only advisor is an advisor who is only compensated by their clients, and have no outside incentives to recommend specific investments.

Fiduciary is an advisor who is legally-bound to always act in your best interest.

Regardless of which advisor you choose to work with, make sure it is a fee-only fiduciary.

Discover Your Investor Profile

Your investor profile is the cornerstone of your wealth management strategy. Each decision you or an advisor makes should be fully informed by your unique goals and objectives, and by how much risk you are willing to take in your portfolio.

Before you open a Digital Wealth account, you will take a Risk Assessment that determines which type of portfolio is most suited to you.

If you are interested in learning your Investor Profile before talking with an advisor, you can simply take the assessment without signing up for the platform. Information is power, and we are here to empower your financial decisions in whichever way is most useful to you.

Take the Risk Assessment

Connect with an Advisor

Interested in learning more about how Digital Wealth can help you find success in managing your wealth? Reach out to one of our advisors!

During the first call, you will learn about the Digital Wealth platform, including how portfolio decisions are made, how you can work with your advisor to build a long-term wealth management plan, and what services your advisor can offer you as you continue to grow you wealth.

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New Beginnings

As Chris and Samantha anxiously and eagerly awaited their wedding day, there were a few questions and worried that were to follow the celebration. Up until this point, Chris and Samantha were able to independently manage their wealth. As newlyweds, they faced the transition to shared finances and financial planning; an idea foreign to both of them. As they started this new chapter of their lives, they needed someone in their corner to help set them up for success. Digital Wealth worked with Chris and Samantha to create a foundation that would enable them to achieve their long term goals and relieve them of any worries as they entered this new, uncharted territory.

Family Priorities

After years of hoping to start a family, Lucas and Charlotte got the news that they were expecting! While they were elated by the wonderful news, they were also overwhelmed by the thought of providing for their new child. Whether it was starting a college fund or ensuring their financial stability, Lucas and Charlotte felt a huge responsibility to give attention and care to their most important investment: their child's future. Unfortunately, with both of them working full-time jobs, this task did not seem feasible. With the help of Digital Wealth, Lucas and Charlotte were given the solution they were seeking. Between hands-on assistance, personalized care, and the fiduciary promise that Digital Wealth would act in their family's best interest, Lucas and Charlotte felt safe and comfortable with Digital Wealth managing their family's finances.

The Big Move

Joe and Sophie have lived comfortably in their apartment for years, but as their family started growing, they made the decision to buy their first home. Even with the financial stability of Sophie and Joe's full-time jobs, they were hesitant about such and large purchase. With a lot of their savings on the line, they wanted to make sure that they were making the right financial decision for their family. Questions about mortgages and interest rates overwhelmed Joe and Sophie, and they knew they needed the guidance of an advisor. Digital Wealth took on the role of that advisor, giving advice and suggestions to them. Because the family knows that Digital Wealth will always act in their best interest, Joe and Sophie were able to buy a house more comfortably and confidently.

Switching Paths

Julie worked for the same company for nearly a decade, but she recently decided to leave her job for a different position at another company. While she knew it would be a time of change and adaptation, she did not anticipate the financial implications of switching jobs. For example, trying to navigate rolling her 401(k) into a new account and all the investing changes that came with it were confusing and overwhelming to Julie. Luckily, Digital Wealth was available to help her sort out her new financial situation and strategize how to best go about investing with her new accounts. Digital Wealth allowed Julie to have one less thing to worry about as she transitioned to her new job.

A Fresh Start

After many years of marriage, Ben and his wife separated. In addition to the emotional toll that comes with a divorce, he also had to deal with the stress of his new financial situation. He and his wife shared a financial advisor and had joint accounts for years, but now he is left to get his independent finances in line. Between finding a new advisor and reorganizing his finances, Ben does not know where to begin. Ben found Digital Wealth, and it provided him with the appropriate first steps in starting this new chapter of his life. Digital Wealth helped Ben navigate his newfound independent finances and took away a lot of the stress that was overwhelming his life.

Looking Towards the Future

Emma graduated college a couple years ago and has been in the workforce ever since. With a growing income and some financial stability, Emma started thinking about her future. Retirement was definitely something Emma hoped for, and she wanted to start saving now. With limited financial knowledge and experience, Emma knew little about what setting up an IRA entailed or what investments would be beneficial for her later in life. Because she was not ready for a full-time advisor, but she did want to start organizing her finances, Digital Wealth was the perfect platform for her. By joining Digital Wealth, Emma was able to get the attention she needed to start planning for her future without committing to a full wealth advisor. Digital Wealth now manages all her finances so that Emma can have the retirement she had always hoped for.

New Beginnings

Family Priorities

The Big Move

Switching Paths

A Fresh Start

Looking Towards the Future